Baby Room

Provision for the under 2’s consists of 2 bright spacious rooms providing a safe, secure, welcoming and inclusive environment offering a wide range of activities catering for children of all abilities and stages of development. Each room caters for up to 15 babies.

  • Picture of the Babies Playing with a Staff Member
  • Picture of the Baby Room—Overview

The stimulating provision and learning experiences are planned by qualified child care staff with reference to the ‘Birth to Three: supporting our youngest child’ framework. Rooms are set up in such a way to encourage the children to make their own choices, promoting independence and social interaction.

Both rooms have access to safe and secure outdoor play areas which are used for sensory and physical activities and staff ensure that the children have regular outings in the local area.

  • Two children playing together
  • Close Up of Staff Member holding a Baby

In addition to providing a range of exciting and stimulating activities, we recognise the need for babies and young children to recharge their batteries through periods of rest and relaxation. For this reason, each room is able to offer facilities for the children to sleep and staff will work closely with parents/carers to ensure we follow your child’s home routine as much as we can.

Our staff are skilled in recognising that young babies and toddlers acquire knowledge and skills through first hand experiences, exploring and investigation using their senses.

Therefore, in all our rooms, we provide many opportunities, supported by staff, for the children to develop these important early skills through such activities as movement/physical play, heuristic play, sensory areas and treasure basket sessions.

The baby rooms operate a 1:3 staff to child ratio.

  • Baby Room Staff Ratio—1 Staff Member: 3 Children

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